We support the unpredictable growth of cloud computing, social media and web-based businesses.

Many of the world’s largest content providers use euNetworks’ unique, pan-European urban and long-haul networks to meet their growing bandwidth needs. euNetworks supports these companies with multi-terabit infrastructure projects in Europe.

Investments for scalability and diversity

The data volume of our largest customers doubles every year. We are investing and expanding our networks to support this growth.

aktuelle Projekte

Maßgeschneiderte Netzwerkprojekte

euNetworks continues to invest and develop both the city and long-haul infrastructure. We are constantly building several routes at the same time. Many of the world’s largest content providers use our unique networks and benefit from our investments and rapid network expansion. We work closely with these customers and develop and implement major projects.


Differenziertes Netz

We now have an impressive range in Europe and offer three or four alternative routes in combination with various connection options. Our network provides you with bandwidth for coupling data centers and aggregation points on long-haul routes and in the city. We are constantly developing and investing. This means that your network is differentiated, scalable and can be expanded in terms of range and coverage. We own and operate fiber optic networks in 18 European economic centers. Our long-haul network connects 53 cities in 17 countries. In addition, we connect more than 536 data centers and more than 2,700 locations directly.


Dedizierte Verbindungen

Due to our range and our way of developing products, we can tailor your network solution to your needs. Whether you use dark fiber, wavelengths or Ethernet, we will work with you to develop products that meet your needs today and are scalable for future requirements.


Bulk-Fasern in der Stadt

  • Data center connections with high-fiber cables up to size 3456f possible
  • Easier provision (similar to cross-connect) within a radius of up to 10 kilometers
  • lower running costs
  • easier operation


Schnell und einfach

We know that many of our customers need their bandwidth services quickly. Our processes are efficient and fast. We respond quickly to inquiries and with our knowledge and a thorough understanding of your technical requirements, our offers are both inexpensive and appropriate. We design clear, transparent contracts that do not contain any hidden costs. Since we own the network, you can make delivery commitments to your customers that you will keep.



  • We own the fiber and concentrate exclusively on products based on it.
  • Our business approach is flexible and based on needs.
  • High quality is standard for us and a natural by-product of our operating model and our network strategy.
  • We continue to invest in our network and thus in your success.
  • We keep it simple so the customer doesn’t have to pay for unnecessary complexity. Our business is bandwidth.


Hohe Qualität und Belastbarkeit

When you make service commitments to your customers, you need to be confident that your suppliers are maintaining high standards. Quality and resilience are the focus of our offer. We continue to invest in our network to meet the needs of our customers and to remain one of the leading providers of bandwidth infrastructure in Europe.


Flexible Lösungen

We develop our solutions the way we design networks – innovatively and in the interests of our customers, from ordering Ethernet and Cloud Connect online to flexible bandwidth solutions between data centers through to alien wavelengths, multi-terabit systems and dark fiber. Since we own our networks including the fiber optics, we control the costs and can determine how we expand it for you.

aktuelle Projekte

Da der Bandbreitenbedarf zwischen wichtigen Hyperscale-Datenaggregationspunkten weiterhin exponentiell steigt, rüsten wir einige Strecken auf und bauen die Schlüsselrouten und Stadtnetze weiter aus. Außerdem entwickeln wir diverse, einzigartige Routen zu neuen Standorten, die sich in der Nähe unserer Stadtnetze befinden. Glücklicherweise haben wir ein Netz, das das erlaubt, und besitzen die Leerrohre oder Mehrfachrohre. Dadurch haben wir mehr Kontrolle über die wirtschaftliche Gestaltung und Entwicklung des Netzes.

Matt Winward

Chief Sales Officer, euNetworks