euNetworks expands its long haul network to Warsaw and Bratislava, delivering three routes into Poland to meet bandwidth demand

Continued network investment to connect data centres and cities with unique long haul routes

Delivered multiple Terabits of customer traffic on each span day 1 and offers a product portfolio of 100G and 400G Long Haul Wavelengths, 1G and 10G Ethernet, Cloud Connect and IP- based services.

London, UK 14 December 2021 – euNetworks Group Limited (“euNetworks”), a Western European bandwidth infrastructure company, today announced that it has expanded its long haul network into Poland, delivering three new routes to Warsaw. These routes deliver around 2,977km of newly lit fibre connecting Warsaw directly with Berlin and Hamburg, with the third route via Brno, supporting traffic to Prague, Bratislava and Vienna. This expansion, which took 9 months to deliver, supports euNetworks’ customers’ demand for better diversity into the region. The system is in service, carrying multiple Terabits of customer traffic on each span that will rapidly grow.

The new long haul routes were designed to deliver a unique triverse topology to market. Each route lands in a separate data centre in Warsaw, with scope to further expand as new data centres come into service in the region. The north route is 924km long, extends from Berlin and Hamburg and is unique in the market. Its route diversity also enables customers to bypass Berlin should they need to. The middle route is 845km long, running from euNetworks’ Berlin data centre facility into Warsaw. The south route, at 1,178km, delivers the shortest path to market between Vienna and Warsaw and enables Bratislava in Slovakia as a new point of presence for euNetworks along the way.

These routes connect into the key data centres and data centre hubs in Warsaw. This investment supports euNetworks’ customers’ bandwidth needs in this important market as well as onwards diversity and triversity to the rest of Europe. euNetworks’ long haul network now spans 17 countries, connecting 53 cities. Combined with euNetworks’ extensive metro networks in 17 cities, the long haul network enables any data centre to any data centre connectivity between all these metros on their owned and operated fibre, end-to-end.

The expansion East follows deployment of additional critical infrastructure linking the UK and the Netherlands, with euNetworks’ latest Super Highway along with subsea cable Scylla going live in September 2021.

“Warsaw is an exciting new region for data centre growth and is an important market experiencing strong bandwidth growth,” said Paula Cogan, President, euNetworks. “It’s a growing cloud region in Europe, with its geographic position making it a key connectivity hub for hyperscalers and cloud service providers. We continue to develop our network in support of our customers’ bandwidth requirements across Europe. Our expansion into Poland enables us to continue to offer a seamless and end to end data centre connectivity experience for our customers on our network with the same service delivery and support experience they have come to value.”

euNetworks’ 100g and 400G Wavelengths, 1G and 10G Ethernet, Cloud Connect and Multi Service Port products and solutions are now available in Warsaw, with plans for additional direct connection to further data centres in the region and in Warsaw to support customers’ needs in the future.

euNetworks builds and invests in its city and long haul fibre networks to connect the key data centres and data centre hubs across Europe. The company builds Super Highways on long haul routes that are critical to Europe’s future international bandwidth needs and uses low loss fibre on these routes to deliver a low cost per bit long haul solution for its customers.


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Über euNetworks

euNetworks ist eine Breitbandinfrastruktur-Anbieter. Das Unternehmen besitzt und betreibt 18 glasfaserbasierte Stadtnetze in ganz Europa, die ein Breitband-Backbone verbindet, der durch 53 Städte in 17 Ländern verläuft. Das Unternehmen ist ein führender Anbieter von Rechenzentrumsanbindungen und vernetzt mehr als 542 Rechenzentren in Europa direkt. Darüber hinaus ist euNetworks mit direkter Verbindung zu allen wichtigen Cloud-Plattformen und Zugang zu weiteren. Das Portfolio umfasst unbeleuchteter Glasfaser, Wellenlängen und Ethernet. Wiederverkäufer, Finanzdienstleister, Inhalteanbieter, Medienkonzerne, Rechenzentren und Unternehmen profitieren von euNetworks Glasfaser- und Leerrohrnetz, das auf ihre hohen Anforderungen im Hinblick auf breitbandige Verbindungen ausgelegt ist.