euNetworks extends its dark fibre network in Belgium through acquisition

This transaction strengthens euNetworks’ leadership in European infrastructure by adding 1,660km of duct-based fibre network in Belgium

London, UK; Brussels, BELGIUM – 7 March 2023 – euNetworks Group Limited (“euNetworks”), a Western European bandwidth infrastructure company, today announced that it has agreed to acquire the dark fibre business branch of a Belgian utility company (“the Business Branch”).

Built in the late 1990s, the Business Branch comprises a duct-based network with 1,660 km of fibre spread across unique routes in Brussels and long haul routes throughout Belgium. It is also close to 13 data centres and has access to additional high-bandwidth sites. The long haul infrastructure will deliver dark fibre and lit services to euNetworks’ existing customers, from national and regional ISPs to content, cloud providers, hyperscalers and mobile network operators. The network recently underwent several upgrades and will support euNetworks’ customer bandwidth growth needs through its expansion capacity and ability to pull new, higher-count cable.

The addition of the Business Branch is complementary to euNetworks’ existing strategy. As euNetworks focuses on delivering high-bandwidth fibre connectivity between and within European cities, the company continues to invest in its network by building unique routes, adding multiple diverse paths and extending reach into key hyperscale data centre sites, data centre clusters and network aggregation points. These investments fuel the company’s growth and drive the capacity requirements of euNetworks’ customers.

“euNetworks continues to distinguish itself in the digital infrastructure ecosystem, delivering critical internet infrastructure to customers through an asset-rich business focused on developing and deepening its fibre networks in Europe,” said Paula Cogan, Chief Executive Officer of euNetworks. “This acquisition will strengthen euNetworks’ leadership in European infrastructure by enabling us to expand across Belgium while maintaining our focus on delivering unique and scalable network routes to our customers between key data centres. It also presents compelling investment opportunities as we look into adjacent geographies with our customers to give them an end-to-end experience and as we focus on the ongoing densification of the high-demand bandwidth region of FLAP (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris).”

Cogan added, “The network comes with in-place commercial and operational contracts. These include long-term dark fibre contracts that have the potential to deliver incremental revenue to euNetworks, as well as some key indirect channel partner relationships in place that will support further pipeline growth. We look forward to welcoming and working closely with these new customers, suppliers and partners. We anticipate a rapid network integration and plan to grow a team in Belgium to support our new stakeholders.”

The transaction is expected to be completed before the end of April 2023.


euNetworks contact:

Hannah Britt | Chief Marketing Officer | euNetworks
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Über euNetworks

euNetworks ist eine Breitbandinfrastruktur-Anbieter. Das Unternehmen besitzt und betreibt 17 glasfaserbasierte Stadtnetze in ganz Europa, die ein Breitband-Backbone verbindet, der durch 53 Städte in 17 Ländern verläuft. Das Unternehmen ist ein führender Anbieter von Rechenzentrumsanbindungen und vernetzt mehr als 518 Rechenzentren in Europa direkt. Darüber hinaus ist euNetworks mit direkter Verbindung zu allen wichtigen Cloud-Plattformen und Zugang zu weiteren. Das Portfolio umfasst unbeleuchteter Glasfaser, Wellenlängen und Ethernet. Wiederverkäufer, Finanzdienstleister, Inhalteanbieter, Medienkonzerne, Rechenzentren und Unternehmen profitieren von euNetworks Glasfaser- und Leerrohrnetz, das auf ihre hohen Anforderungen im Hinblick auf breitbandige Verbindungen ausgelegt ist.